I actually like the EOG; well, I used to.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t like it now, but taking the EOG doesn’t really feel good anymore.

          But I think it is a good idea to take the EOGs, so you won’t fall behind in the next grade level.  Falling behind is really, a tough thing and also is getting back on track.

          The EOG for this year was…a little tough.  I used to be able to read a page with a lot a words without any problem, but now every time I see a page with a lot of word like in the EOG, I get so sleepy and have to keep my eyes open tight.  Thats the same with my friends in my Japanese school, too.  

          But I think that having a big pressure one in a while is not that bad.

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women Drivers

My dad sent me this video.  It’s really funny!

Women Drivers

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Swine Flu

The swine flu has been BIG news in Japan; or the whole world.

I really hope the swine flu disappears!  A thing I heard from my mom is that if you get on a plane that goes to Japan from the US, and a person close to your seat has swine flu, at Narita airport, you have to stay in a hotel for 10 days and cannot get out of your room.  And on every morning and night, a docter checks you if you have swine flu.

There was a news that a class from Japan which just came back from the US had been put into that situation.  A girl in that class was so depressed that she called a senior in the same hotel and talked for THIRTEEN HOURS!!!   I can’t even talk that much with my friends.

Well I hope my flight is not cancled…

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One online game site I like is


This is a very cute site :)  The games have a soft image and the color of the site is beautiful!

I like the first game which is the game you have to jump from car to car.  The character is so cute!

I also like the snowbell game, the game you jump from bell to bell.  I like the music and the soft white.

I seem to like games that you jump to things….

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Okay, life.

          Theres no big deal about it. It’s just life. Well, its just big

          To me, the word life means someting like living with feelings (I got this strange idea because I’m writing comics so much; Shoujo manga always uses fancy words).  I mean, how can you live without feeling anything? When your bored, your bored!  When nobody talks to you and when your by yourself, you feel alone! Its not a big deal. 

          Well, the point is… I think of this   life:feelings   or, you need feelings to live!! Its life! You have to have fun with it! 

          I (think that) am having fun with life!  Its fun!  But well, sometimes it doesn’t turn out right and you might become sad.  But thats what life’s all about! 

It’s a big box of experience.

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Japanese VS US Schools 2

The BIG difference between US schools and Japanese school, is really, the personalty of people. 

For instance, the teachers. US…cheerful! Happy! Good.  Japanese…Mostly the same! Good. But strict. No cellphones to school (that has been a rule to most schools in Japan from about a week ago).  No candy to school. No make-up. Every-single person has the same book bag. No books exept for novels.  Well, actually it is not really bad, but comparing to America, there might be not much freedom.

When I talked about the US with the English teacher at our school to everbody, I think he was Mr. Locklin? I ‘m sorry I don’t really remenber,  everybody said “your so lucky!!”

Being used to both schools, there isn’t much of a good, or bad.

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          Right now I’m making this story I am going to send to Shuueisha, a book company in Japan that publishes my favorit magazine, Ribbon. Ribbon is a shoujo manga magazine that I benn reading ever since I was in 5th grade. When I was in 5th grade I was drawing comics but was SO bad at it, and I wanted to be a Manga catoonist, but I didn’t know anything about the steps of making Manga and the items used.

          I studied harder by reading Ribbon and now I have a big chance to mabye get my comic on the magazine.  There is a contest that only kids at age 6 from 12 can particiapate, and if you get the biggest prize, the company will let you have your comic in the magazine!

         So right now I am in a big rush to finish the comic. I only have about 15 more days until the comtest ends and I am sill in the rough draft of 32 pages!! The steps of Manga is…Plot, layout of the pages, rough draft, write in ink, put white out over mistaken places, and stick tone(a special sticker that lets you use things that cannot be writen by a human like gradation). Every step takes a lot of time. It is really hard.

        I will try my best to draw the best comic I can!! (In a short amout of time:(                         

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